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refrigerator/freezer guts as chiller?

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has anyone tried this? Like disassembling say a chest freezer and using the refrigeration system as a chiller? I've been looking around on craigslist and classifieds ever since I came up with this idea a few days ago and found several freezers for insanely cheap

I know it will be some work but refilling ice gets tired and messy (and looks amateur), ice melts, dry ice is too pricey to go all nite, and ice only cools the fog to 32F whereas freezer coils would get it a bit cooler. In the end I would think if I could build a self-contained, reuseable contraption I would feel alot better about it

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I have to agree with toetag.

Unless you have a degree in air conditioning or refrigeration, I wouldn't even attempt it. Maybe you could create some sort of "chute" that ice could fall down from. (talk to your local movie theatre......They have Ice like you wouldn't believe!!! Or even your local Mc. Donalds. They have lots of ice too!)

Ice melts, no matter what you keep it in. Large places that need alot of ice need NEW ice. (you don't want some Week Old ice in your drink...) Ask them if they have extra ice and see if they would give it to you if you stop by and pick it up. Maybe shop around for some extra "coolers" to keep it in.

I wouldn't mess with any type of refrigeration just for a haunt, unless you were an expert. There is free ice out there if you know the right people.
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