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Were going to do this for sure now.
For some reason I just want to chop up a brand new fridge.
It's kinda hard not cheat since I have seen the inside of a Glaciator and know the specs on all the parts.
Matter of fact we have repaired just about every fogger on the market except for the budget ones.

I guess if I limited myself to basic hardware store supplies and didnt let myself use our machine shop to fabricate any thing and documented it as a how to for you guys then it might be worth while.
I do know this much, for every 100watts of heat on a fogger block you have to have roughly 1000 BTU's to get good results for low fog.
We are going to use aluminum tubing brazed to the aluminum freezer plate, I figure 1/4 ID inch will sufface for pleanty of travel, I think about ten foot will do.
Well use a minfridge that is notiourious for freezing beer, Haier Americ HSE02 -WNAWW 1.8 CF $89.99 the fridge has a lot of complaints on consumer reports that it gets too cold on the half way setting, so for this use it should be a money shot.:cool:
For the fogger I guess well just use a 800watt constant fogger, the rest is all plumbing, im sure you guys and gals will be able to look at the pics and kinda follow, I will make sure our pics are high quaility so you all can zoom in on them at the end I will do a video overview.
If I am missing anything that you guys wouldl like to see added let me know before we start so we can get the max benifit for you guys so im not just throwing stuff together.

Weeelllll..?? <fingers tapping on desk> :D
1 - 1 of 39 Posts
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