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Recorpsing a corpsed Bucky

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Hey guys,

My work started monitoring internet usage so i don't get to get on here hardly at all anymore :(. Anyways, I am looking for some help. Last year i corpsed some buckies and a lot of people (including myself) thought they came out looking awesome. Well, after this years Corpsed Buckies the ones from last year look like a piece of ****! So i was wondering if i were to rip off all the old panty hose from my old buckies if i could recorpse them? Would i need to remove the stain from the bucky or could i just corpse right over it?

Also is there a way to keep the liquid latex from drying out? I am debating if liquid latex dries out over time or if i just didn't put enough on last year.

Thanks for the help!

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Liquid latex does dry out and can be damaged from the summer heat. I keep all my latex props in the house as it gets quite hot here in arizona. you can't really remove stain since it,well, stains the item it's applied to. My only suggestion would be to cut off as much of the old panty hose with a knife or scissors (carefully) as well as any built up latex,maybe prime it white and then just apply your new technique over whats left on the bucky.

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Do you have any pics of these corpses you want to re-corpse? I think maybe corpse over them. I like Variant's idea of priming them though and then working.

I see you're from IL, as am I. So I know as you do that we get humidity and dryness hear along with extreme temps. I find the best way to keep latex from drying out is to store it dry and moisture free, inside. I have some latex masks and with those I put a foam head or something stuffed into them and then tie them into a plastic bag. So in the off season maybe wrap up your latex items with old clothes and then put into a plastic bag.

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I cut all the old panty hose off of my old bucky and i think i am just going to corpse over the old stain instead of priming the entire bucky again. If it doesn't look right then i will just have to live with it i guess.
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