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Recorded a song/video with my friend's daughter

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We are going to play this song next week at a large Halloween party. It's sort of a macabre themed event called "Cirque du Noir" held at an old factory. The song has sort of a spooky vibe which should fit in nicely with the feel of the night.

She is 14 and an aspiring singer. Looking for feedback and also to get her some views on her Youtube page. If anyone can take a listen it would mean a lot to her (and me). :D

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I really liked that, but I have one suggestion: it felt a bit rushed in parts, if you could experiment a bit with bringing the tempo down so she can really emphasize the vocals I think it would be way creepier. Just a thought. Otherwise, great guitar work and vocals.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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