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Hi there,

I bought these candles last year and didn't use them for Halloween but I did use them for the family Thanksgiving gathering. They were fine--if I recall correctly I had them out and running by around 3-4 pm, and they kept going strong thru the late evening when everyone finally split (prolly around 11-12 or so). In fact they still had some light to them the next morning, though markedly dimmed down after all that time (I didn't turn them off overnight). They were approximately equivalent in brightness to any typical battery-operated tea light, with a very orange color and the LED does flicker.

The height of each candle is like a 'standard' votive candle, and not like the shorter tea lights that have the aluminum base (like most battery-operated tea lights that I see). I like that about them. Candle casing is snow white and not ivory.

The ones I bought were from the same maker listed above, but I actually got them at Kmart in southern Cali a day or two before last Halloween (in the light bulb section), and they were a coupla dollars less than what Lowe's is selling them for. I haven't been able to find them in the sole northern Cali Kmart I've been to since ( & thus it might be a regional-merchandise kinda thing) , but I did happen to see them last week at Lowe's also, in case anyone else is interested in them.

Grandin Road sells rechargeable votives as well, but I think theirs only has 4 candles and not 6, for significantly higher price point.

My favorite part about them is that I don't have to have a mess of those button batteries lying around cuz that's the kind of thing I'm apt to forget in the fierce last-min preps for Halloween. ( I only have to remember to charge them before I need them, lol...) And I'd never depend on them to provide most of the ambient lighting for whatever I'm putting together for Halloween, so if they dimmed a bit it's not a big deal.

Hope that helps.
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