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Here is another exclusive prop that will be available soon at Spirit Halloween / http://www.spirithalloween.com

Reaper Of Souls

  • Sound Activated
  • Speaks 3 scary sayings
  • Eyes Light Up Red
  • Mouth Movers
  • Rips open his robe to reveal the faces of the lost souls (Souls Eyes Light Up Red)
  • Over 6 ft tall.

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Now that's a cool idea! I'm glad to see them coming out with creepier props these days! So long as it's not as corny as some of Gemmy's animated characters are (don't get me wrong, some of Gemmy's are great, but there's a few that might as well be inflatables!!!). LOL

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Here is the SpiritHalloween link for most if not all of their new 2009 Halloween props.

They really are carrying a lot this year, so it is going to be an expensive Halloween year. Hope they have some 20% off coupons !!!

They have the following new props listed with pics, pricing and descriptions:

Michael Myers
Reaper of Souls
Dead Lift Zombie
Midnight Countess
Boxed In Prop
Animated Samantha Prop
Face Ripping Clown
Cloaked Reaper with Lantern
Crawling Man
Flying Witch
Psycho Sam
Rockin Granny

Here is the link and have lots of fun !

Spirit Halloween 2009 New Props etc
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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