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Thank you much for taking the time to give this a read.

I have a bit of a dilemma involving my first ever attempt at a static prop.
I've been going through the motions, and so far everything has turned out better than expected.
Automotive exterior Bumper

The main issue I have here is the PVC within the hood.
I personally really like the depth the hood gives, as I was trying to get it to look something like the Bonelords from Morrowind. (No spine, and just the skull).
Black Ghost Black-and-white Darkness Hand

What I'm basically asking is if there's anyway to cover up or hide the pvc section without taking away from the depth the hood naturally has.
I'm open to whatever ideas anybody has.

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You'd need some of the fabric in front of the pvc as a scrim/screen so the pvc won't show up when viewed in low light conditions. Try to get it to hang straight with minimal wrinkles and draping (they'll catch light).

Make sure to light it properly then: no front facing lights that will shine into the hooded area where you're trying to create depth. Lights positioned off the sides or below at an angle that would cast a great uplight but not shine into the hood would be the best in my opinion, but nothing directly in front. Unfortunately anyone viewing it will likely take flash pictures and ruin the effect, but the viewing of the figure should be sufficient for what you're wanting.

Otherwise, the alternative would be to reform the support structure for the skull to be an oval (using heavy gauge wire that can hold the skull/cowl weight?) that runs through the hood's natural curves. That would mean reconstructing the whole upper body support structure (shoulders/head assembly) so hopefully the fabric scrim will be good enough since it's the easiest solution.
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