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To replace the peas, any green veggie would probably work:

Spinach (you'd need more tho than one bag - that stuff wilts down to nothing when cooked, but would have a nice strong green color!)
Frozen green beans (out of the can would probably not be green enough)

Try carrots, squash or orange bell peppers to replace the yams. You'd need to chop the peppers into small chunks, but those are very tasty! (yellow, red and orange bell peppers are actually mild and have a slightly sweeter taste as compared to the stronger and slightly bitter green pepper we're used to seeing in the store)

Mushrooms would be a good substitute for the black olives. I LOVE the baby bella mushrooms, and they have a lovely rich flavor when you cook with them. (you would have to check to make sure no one has an allergy to them tho!)

I would think you'd need to test the flavor blends well before you do it for a party - I always do test runs on new dishes and any modifications I make to recipes.

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ahh thanks you have sparked some ideas in my head. broccoli and bell peppers sound like something I would love to try :) Maybe I could add some cheese too. My aunt always makes this pampered chef braid, I must ask her what all is in that cause Im pretty sure brocolli and such are in it. I might be able to use a version of that. Thanks for your ideas !

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you can buy spinach frozen - it's small cubes in a bag - you get a lot more out of it than froma fresh bag - i use it all the time in pastas & suchlike :)
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