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I am selling three corpses inspired by Pumpkinrot to anyone in the Southern California area. Shipping via delivery would be too hard and expensive, so I can drive them directly to you myself.

All three corpses feature $200 human skull replicas for added realism. The corpse bodies are made out of paper mache and latex paint. The ribs are made out of newspaper and wire. This means that these will need to be stored indoors out of the rain.

All three corpses are pretty sturdy, but will still need to be handled with care. I don't make these professionally, this was just a passion project for me this year.

I am selling these for $400 each, or $1000 for all three.

Message me here if you are interested, or if you have any questions. I can also send custom photos showing different angles too if you'd like as well.

These figures look a lot better at night, but I wanted to take these in the daytime to let you see the detail.

Corpse #1

Plant Sky Tree Vegetation Sculpture

Plant Leaf Branch Botany Sky
Plant Jaw Bone Wood Skull
Head Eye Plant Jaw Wood

Corpse #2

Bird Accipitridae Sky Branch Beak
Daytime Sky Wood Branch Beak
Extinction Ecoregion Dinosaur Wood Natural environment

Corpse #3

Plant Vertebrate Sky Tree Wood
Plant Sky Wood Tree Trunk


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