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Oh, I like those caretaker hands and the MM work glove idea a lot! The silicone hands sounds cool too but I heard that silicone is expensive (I think).

I also go for the super realism. If those caretaker hands are not the right positioning for you (those are great though) here's another idea. It's a lot more trouble but you can get the fingers, palm and wrist to be in any position you want.

Get left and right skeleton hands from the Skeleton Store. Life-Size Bucky Skeleton Hand at Skeleton Store | Plastic Skulls and Bones, Skeleton Props Then model paperclay over it. Do it in two layers. First layer is to set the positioning of the hand. The second layer is to put the skin on (you may need a third layer for manly-looking hands). Bake in the oven between layers to speed up drying. Sand (if you want), seal, paint and seal again. Here's pictures of mine in progress.

The original hands from the Skeleton Store that is put into the position I want:

First layer of Paperclay on and dried and I'm checking positioning. One of the hands I changed my mind and was able to bend it into the place I want (cracked the Paperclay but no prob, another layer was going on).

Here's the skin layer. I still need to sand, perhaps add some more Paperclay here and there, add nails, seal, paint and seal again.

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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