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Real time pepper's ghost

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I have an idea about this using the regular pepper's ghost set up in front of the window, but using 2 camcorders. The first to broadcast myself in a dark room( probably sheet a room of plastic or cardboard ), the second would be to see the trick or treaters so you could either comment on their costumes, or play on their reactions.I thought a small tv shouldn't give off too much light in the dark room. An overhead blacklight should give good lighting. Possibly even a pupeteered prop... Not sure how original the idea is though. If anyone has done this before I wouldn't mind hearing about the results.
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I'm not sure I understand why you need to have a camera on yourself in another room...couldn't you just put your "ghost" right where the TV would be? That's how the Haunted Mansion does it. People use a TV because they don't have an actor/puppeteer to work the effect full time, but if you can have someone there, you might as well KISS and leave out the first TV & camcorder. Just my 2 cents.
I do think, however, that the camcorder/TV that shows the TOTs to the "ghost" is a very clever idea.
Ahhhh, ok. I see what you mean. Doing the glass at a 45 vertically instead of horizontally. Sounds alot better. Then you get a full body effect. I would even like to put a chair up for the "ghost" to sit in, but i would have to rearrange furniture in a funky way due to the way my living room is dimensionally. The tv to see the TOTs could just sit in the floor out of view. Thanks for the advice. I have a tendency to complicate things.
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