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Real Shocking Electric Chair

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Real Shocking Electric Chair

Okay, so I saw some awesome posts on here about electric chairs, with strobe lights and message motors and I love them. Well, I don't have room for one in my haunted house, but I wanted to use it as a fun party game.

My plan was to make the basic chair (with a couple changes to suit my needs for the game), and then add
the the end of the arms.

So I basically want to make a really cool looking chair and turn it into a game during the party, but I was also thinking about taking it up a notch. Does anyone know a way to mod out those Shocking Laser Tag chest pieces to make them shock on command.

That way someone sits down, you strap them in (with the chest piece), bring down the strobe light helmet, with the massage back and the electric shock noises, and have them go off on the game.

Everyone takes turns and you know, they make it, they win a prize. I thought this would be a great game for intense people. I can do without the chest piece, but I was wondering if someone could do it?