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Add a bit of humor to your Halloween Cemetery with these one of a kind granite tombstones - Tu Sune, She was only 29 when she passed into the Netherworld. And being made of Granite, the stones will stay in your yard. No wind short of a Tornado will tear it from the ground. Tu Sune Weighs approx. 15 pounds, 6" wide, approx. 1/2"thick and 18" tall. To place in your graveyard, simply dig a slit in your yard with a shovel 3-4" deep, set stone down into slit and pack dirt around and it will stand on its own. You could place a length of rebar for support be hind but not necessary if packed ground properly. Would like $90.00 for Tu Sune.

And Jack Cass, 24 when he went under. The name fit him well, but we shouldn't talk ill of the dead, should we? Jack Cass weighs approx. 25 pounda, 12" wide, 15" tall and 1.5" thick. To place in your yard, simply set level a cement brick cap (not sure if that is the correct name)
in your yard and place the stone on top. You could glue it to the cap base, but I just set in on top. Home improvement stores should carry them. $90.00

Thirdly I have Dawn Under, another to pass too early, I copied this design from a tombstone I found on the web. Approx. 10" wide, 20" tall and 2" thick. Weight 35 ponds roughly. Stone will need to be placed into the ground. See description for Tu Sune above. $135.00. These prices include shipping in the continental USA.

And the 4th stone I offer is Mike Okhurtz, only 16 when he bit the dust. Perhaps he should've covered his willy or at least visited his doctor. Dimensions approx. 18" tall, 12" wide and 1.5 thick. weight approx 29 pounds. And Yes I grow them in my garden. lol. Will need to be installed as Tu Sune above. For Mike's stone $110.00

Prices include shipping inside the continental US. Message me if you are interested. Will have more to sell shortly, some in Marble..

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