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Who says that changing your Halloween theme each year has to be expensive?

Dusting out your old props and adding a couple extra accessories can help you create new props while saving a nice chunk-o-change!

This is a simple re-purposing project my wife and I worked on. Our party's theme this year is Post-apocalypse, so we wanted to create some props for our front yard that goes with the theme, but we didn't want to spend too much.

We happened to have this witch that we bought at Oriental Trading Co which happens to have a 6 foot stand - it is an AWESOME size for my project. We decided to buy this yellow chemical protection jump suit on Amazon for $12 bucks and an anti gas mask from spirit halloween for 7 bucks last year after halloween.

Then, we dressed up our witch (after taking off the apple, put on some latex globes on her, stuffed the suit with some old news paper we had laying around and, well... now she's a fallout shelter survivor!

Let me know what you guys think, and please share your re-purposing projects. I'd love to see them!

Happy halloween!


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Nice! I almost think I like it better with the gas mask off (maybe hang around her neck?) so you can see she's all deformed from surviving the radiation. But still creepy and cool with the mask on!

I try to plan many props to be reusable for other themes, because it can get difficult storing a ton of junk in our tiny garage. :D

This year we're doing creepy carnival, and I am taking our Serena from Grandin Road (she's mostly just a head and hands on a stake) and combining her with the giant spider I made a few years back to become Serena the Spider Woman in our Freakshop display. I'm doing a few other things similar (our Donna of the Dead is running a "kissing well" booth).

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Our most versatile prop is the 6' tall butler from Walmart years ago. He has been a pirate, a creepy farmer, Anubis, and this year will be an awesome grim reaper. We disconnected the sound years ago (do props ever say anything scary or appropriate?) but still have him plugged in so he breathes and his head and eyes move.
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