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I got this few weeks back, and I've been meaning to post a review.
First, the "fabric" (plastic) that makes up his overalls is extremely cheap. The first 30 minutes out the box it ripped. Luckily the rip wasn't that noticeable. Another stoke of luck on my part was that the moth moved perfectly. I've seen videos on YouTube where the mouth is all out of whack, but not in my case :D That's really the only big problem I have with him. The only other problem I've had with him is bad on my part. Instead of putting the poles together through the shirt, I put them through the arms of the overalls. It was really annoying to try to fix. I guess the only way you could get that is if you put the prop together before. Overall, I would give him a 4 sp00ks out of 5 sp00ks rating.
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