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Razor Blades for Real?

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Just saw this posted in the Hauntcast Minions group on Facebook:
Razor Blade Found Wrapped In Child's Candy Bar After Trick-Or-Treating
I'm seriously hoping this is fake, but even if it is this is going to have serious impact on Halloween for most of us. This is the first I'm hearing about it, but I'm now watching Facebook like a hawk to see if any of the "Mom" pages I follow post anything about it.
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Ok, here's my tale on this. 1. You can tell if it was done at the factory, because you can feel it. 2. They shouldn't allow factory workers, (or whatever you call candy manufacturing/mass production facilities,) to have that stuff. 3. If it was done at home, you can tell, because even with glue, the package won't be as good as they make it.
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