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Razor Blades for Real?

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Just saw this posted in the Hauntcast Minions group on Facebook:
Razor Blade Found Wrapped In Child's Candy Bar After Trick-Or-Treating
I'm seriously hoping this is fake, but even if it is this is going to have serious impact on Halloween for most of us. This is the first I'm hearing about it, but I'm now watching Facebook like a hawk to see if any of the "Mom" pages I follow post anything about it.
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This is the thing that bothers me about all of these scares, it would be pretty easy to figure out where this candy originated. The reporter also said that the kid THINKS it was a sealed wrapper. He THINKS it was sealed, he's not POSITIVE it was sealed. And if it was sealed it was a factory issue then. If it was just a piece of something sharp that's very different from an entire razor blade which wouldn't actually fit into any of the "fun sized" stuff that's handed out now.

1)If the kid was under a certain age an adult would have been with them so the adult would know where they went ToTing so they could say to the authorities "we went ToTing at these houses" so it would have to be someone in one of the houses in that area that gave it out.

2)If the kid was old enough to go on his/her own, the kid would know & tell where he/sh went with the same outcome as above.

3)If it turns out it was a factory thing, you'd still need to know where the kids went & THEN you could trace where the candy was bought, from what store, & back to the manufacturer.

So unless you're passing people who are just tossing candy into kids bags randomly on the street, you KNOW where your kids candy came from & could go back to it happening in a certain area.

And as someone else mentioned, you could easily tell if a piece of candy has been opened & altered so at the very least you could say the candy was opened or unopened.

Go ahead, open a Fun Sized Milky Way then try to stick something in it & glue the paper back together or try to stick something into it without altering the paper, see how hard it is.

It's not so easy. Not that I've tried but whenever I try to picture it in my head all I can think is that it's gotta be damn near impossible to alter candy outside the factory without there being some clues.

Now I KNOW some kids will eat the candy on the way home or just start stuff their gobs with it so it could be possible to be injured, but I still have a hard time buying most of these stories.
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