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"Legends Haunt Tour" had busses of Haunt Owners traveling around the Midwest over a several day period seeing "Haunted House Legends".
My small-town creation of the last 28 years was not on that list, but that did not stop the Haunt Owners from seeking us out everyday during their "off-time".
The first ones were fairly "Quiet" until the tour was over and they were back in the Chicago area telling those other haunt owners about their experience here.
As the excitement built from Thursday to Saturday it culminated Saturday with a Very vocal and highly enthused,complimentary, group, which had me posting a few minutes ago on Facebook that "Emergency Ego-Control protocol measures" had to be placed in effect!
(I "Got" maybe all of them yesterday but maybe one,with THE simplest Scare ever invented (by a prehistoric Caveman? ) ("Simple" does often "Work"!)
I heard the remark:"He's Scared me 4 TIMES ,already!" The tour wasn't over yet.
At the conclusion of the Haunt-Owner's tour many remarked that they had "No Idea" where they were in the house most of the time.. "And We design such things for a living !"
The night ended up with a Mother buying tee-shirts after their tour complaining that her face hurt.. from laughing So much!
My "emergency ego control measures have allowed me this one "educational " report here for public awareness,
thank you.
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