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Ravens Grin outside lighting+

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Today I installed my fifth solar lighting unit for the exterior of the house.
They are die cast aluminum spot lights,3 to a package with the solar collector. They are made with cast aluminum mounting stakes ,which i usually modify because I am not sticking them into the ground, I am mounting them up and attaching them to something.
I have used one inch steel and plastic conduit to make my brackets to hold the spots.
Northwestern Illinois is not exactly a" hot" solar region yet these do work very dependably and throw a lot of bright light.
I bought these units at Menards. they were all on sale except one set,the price was from $36 to as low as $17 for the same identical units.
You install them,then forget them,they are entirely automatic coming "ON" when they should and turning "OFF"when they should. Throwing bright,white light from around 7pm to passed 12 Midnight.
I even have a sixth unit in my Spook-mobile,illuminating a dummy in the passenger seat every night as I often park the car two blocks away next to the main highway that runs through our town.
So the big steel Skull,the Pterodactyl skeleton ,the Tower,the Cupola and now my backyard billboard (and Exit) are all lit up and using no metered electricity.
28 yrs. ago my electric bill was $18 to$ 23 a month,and i was doing a lot of heavy welding them. The bill can be $150 to $180 a month for these last number of years.(Doing almost no welding.)
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I have the second listed ones-072-c-7541 My main .problem here is finding a way to place the collector in more sunny locations since my yard is like a jungle.
The city recently cut down one of their trees making that easier. There are some massive vines running from tree to tree and up against my house, which makes it look more creepy/scary to many .
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