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Just after a fun tour concluded and we were standing outside talking one man who did his share of laughing during the tour informed me that he used to do "Improv" in Chicago.
I said:"Just think if you had your own Comedy Club, just a small 15 by 20 room.. some customer turns out to be a loud, stupid drunk, you just kick them out, everybody left gets a better show! That is what I have here.
He then said :"There are So Many "Jokes" in your house!"
I told him truthfully :"I have had quite a number of people begin begging me half-way through the house tour to "Stop Making Me Laugh! .. Because their face hurts! (Really!)
Then sometimes a small group who is sort of "Quiet" can add more fun to the tour for me. Nearly at the end of the tour I tell them:"One time there were 15 people, standing right here in total darkness( I have my finger on the spring-loaded switch making it temporarily dark) In the dark, one young woman said:"It's a Holly Wood Horror Movie! He's going to kill us ALL!"
After the light came back on, we could see that she had tears rolling down her cheeks.... I left them with a long, quiet pause here.. they were so quiet and attentive I almost whispered these next words "so then I Had to kill her."
Within this somber subject the added long pause gives them the time to wonder, as they are wondering I add to any confusion they may be feeling with that pause and quiet, under-acted delivery of the line.. but this could not have happened if they had not been as quiet and attentive, I thank them for that for giving me this extra fun!
Some really Fun people/groups Do Spoil ME!
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