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Wow! What a season. It all began in July. (Where it usually does.) Me- "Hey Honey. We should start thinking about Halloween and getting ready. This is gonna be our first year doing Haunts Against Hunger, so we need to make it count." Hubby- "We just got done with all the gardens for Spring. We still have time." Fast forward through the summer to Aug. Of course this is the time of year I always seem to finally have success. And as usual, hubby finally agrees.

My list by then consisted of a modest selection. Our mausoleum we built in year 2 just wasn't up to my liking. We had decided the previous year it needed a redo. I always have my one personal project that I consider my own works of art. That was going to be my Giant Spider Queen. Then I wanted to upgrade a few things a little, and add a few more vines to the pumpkin patch. And our monster mud reapers we built the previous year, had died a horrible death. So they needed to be replaced.

Then hubby joined the planning process. He wanted to build our own fencing. We had been using some black metal fencing we bought at menards. He wanted to completely rebuild our cemetery columns, as well as build 2 cemetery entrance columns with an arch. Thankfully I convinced him that we could get away with simply upgrading our current columns and save on time and materials. But the entrance stayed on the list. Unfortunately, once the fence was assembled we discovered that they were too tall for the columns. So we had to add bases to them to lift them up higher. Oh and since we were moving the witches scene from the garage, he wanted to transform our old mausoleum into the witches hut.

As soon as the list was compiled I went in to panic mode. All this and the food drive?!! But hubby insisted, we always do a bunch each year and we can do it. Ugh! I have been a mess for the past month and a half. I have a pain condition so its hard for me to do a lot of things. But this is the time of year when I really push myself. Granted it usually takes until Thanksgiving for me to recover enough to get off the couch. But I think its worth it and push through the pain. But oh was this year sooooooo different.

Normally I can push myself to a point, then just collapse for a day or two and then pick back up again. Not this year. I have been pushing myself hard for at least 4 to 5 hours a day now, every day. I hurt so bad some times I just start trembling. Heck the pizza timer went off for the oven the other night and I walked in and opened the microwave and it took me a minute or two to figure out what was wrong. I had a bad week of pain and panic induced freak out. That was bad. I had gotten to the point where it was no longer fun and I believe at one point my exact words were "Throw it all in the backyard and we'll have a bleeping bonfire. But somehow I pushed through it.

Hubby has been supportive and very apologetic for piling our list up so bad. His work as usual went nuts, so most of the work has fallen on me, except for his days off when he has to do the heavy stuff and big construction that my body won't let me do anymore. But there is one thing that has given me the strength to continue. Hocus Pocus! No lol. Although it did save my Halloween spirit on a very bad night. Lifetime had amazing programming timing with that one. But no. It has been all the people in our community that have given me the strength to survive the pain. I can't even remember how many people have stopped to tell me how good things look or how excited they are for this year. Cars stop in front of their house to roll down the windows so their kids can look at the yard. Granted it looks more like a Halloween construction zone. But they can see how stuff is coming along. There are even a few people who drive by with their kids everyday to see the progress.

Somehow, we have persevered and there seems to be a ray of hope that we will be done in time. The fencing is almost done. We only have two more sections to paint. The columns are almost all done. They will probably be complete in the next few days. Yay we can finally put all the columns and fencing in place. The entrance is getting there. We just need to foam them, then do all the carving and painting. And hubby still has to do his arch. But that's his deal. I am fine if the arch waits until next year. The mausoleum is built and foamed. Two of the four are carved and have their first coat of drylok. The other two should be done in the next 2 couple days. The roof is built but needs to be foamed and painted and detailed. And I have already completed two stone wall gargoyle panels, to cover the rest of the porch that the mausoleum is going in front of to make the whole thing a solid piece. My spiders are coming along. The spider queens legs are finished and assembled in the front yard. Her head and butt are still paper mache balls on the dining room table. But her consort, is almost done, All he needs is to have his head finished and attached. And the head is almost done. The reapers are still to come but close to being assembled.

It sounds like a lot and it is. But I finally believe we have reached a point where it seems doable. Thank goodness hubby has vacation days the week leading up to Halloween. Cause that is gonna be needed to get set up. Anyway that is my really long, rambling story. Thank you for giving me a place to vent where I know there are people who can relate.

I'm hurting bad for it but the Halloween spirit has filled me and I know it is all worth it. But I have granted myself the power of hubby veto for next year. If he doesn't want to begin in June then I get to veto anything that I think is too much. I may have grown a little morbid through it all though. I keep telling hubby and our neighbor that I am already dead, the only thing keeping me standing is my need to get it done. My prediction is that around 9, 9:30 pm on Halloween night when it all comes to an end, the magic sustaining me will vanish. And I will fall over cold and long dead. They laugh, but I tell you what, my body feels like its true. Oh well, here's to Halloween success. I hope you all find this years magic.
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