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First time on the forums everybody, so hello!

Bit of a background on me, I'm a sophomore attending Ohio University located in Athens, OH. Halloween here gets insane, with anywhere from around 30-50 thousand people here for Halloween weekend. The town usually has a population of about 22k, so it's unbelievable how many people come down for Halloween. Anyways, I want an awesome costume this year that stands out from the regulars.

My idea is to make a rave suit since there will be some trap music playing at a few stages in the streets. I was thinking of purchasing a black morph suit and then purchasing a few roles of multicolored LED strips and in some configuration, super-gluing them to the suit. I'd connect them to a battery pack that would be sound reactive to a belt on the inside of the suit so that wherever I go, the lights react to the music. (If I can't get the sound reactor to work properly - aka too loud of music etc, then I'll just have them constantly glowing). Thoughts on the idea? I'm worried about the lights staying on and also not looking to tacky. I can't imagine them looking tacky as long as they're on the whole time and I'll be wearing the suit when it's dark out anyways. Budget is around $100, but I'm willing to splurge a bit to make this how I want it. I know the morph suit will be about that half of that alone to begin with.

If you have any suggestions, I am all ears! Thanks for your time!
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