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Rattling Fence prop

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I have put this together using Bigants Actuator setup. If you want to know how it works, then his cheap and easy monster in a box thread has all the details, what to order etc.

I have simply attached some shiplap fence boards to a panel, just securing them on one side.

I have mounted the actuator system to push against the boards, and this is fired by the remote control.

I will add more boards and stain etc and include this in a larger fence section, which will have zombie arms waving through it. The rattling fence will add to effect that the zombies are breaking through.

If you like this, it would cost less than $20 to make and is very, very simple to do, so have a go. You can order all the parts from amazon, bar the pallet and some fencing.


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I have the same problem here lawrie , unless there,s someone out there with the stuff it would probably disappear , excellent prop and full credit to you for showing us and for giving credit where its due , a huge THANKS to Bigant for creating this great and very cheap and effective prop and well done for re - adapting it , what do you reckon if i put a mock frame on the floor and then a very light mock door like a storm cellar door like they have in the states do you reckon it would work with this method ? in principal it should shouldn't it as long as the door is quite light in weight ??? be interested to here what you think as if it did i would build one for my haunt .
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