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RARE SILICONE Freddy Krueger Mask, Custom Burnt/Stained Jumper, Latex Burnt Left Fred

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Hi All,

I am selling his unique and rare halloween custom that is extremly hard to get, you try it!

Try and find a silicone freddy krueger mask....its impossible, these are very hard to find due to copyright issues as these masks are very realistic and every moved of you face is expressed with the mask.

This is the exact material they used in the films thats whay its so hard to ge a hold of them.

You get the silicone mask, custom burnt/stained jumper, burnt lates left freddy krueger hand and the official freddy hat slashed with burnt effect.

See here for more details if you are intresed in buying:

RARE SILICONE! Freddy Krueger Mask + Latex Left Hand + Custom Burnt/Stained Jumper & Official Hat (Auction ID: 110600, End Time : Oct. 15, 2009 23:45:00) - HorrorBid - Your Online Auction Site For Everything Horror

Get the BEST costume this halloween 2009!

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