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That sounds like a great idea, that will be one cool prop and i hope you can get it built and post pics and maybe even a how-to one day. The only help i can think to offer right now would be this. I know cowlacious sound boards are very nice, i have several.They have a few different ways to trigger them and you can record 2 different messages on them. Aslo there is the mp'3 board that they have at hauntbots wich is very nice and can hold alot of different clips, though the hauntbot board is a bit more expensive, it is the one i am planning on using for my haunt greeter that i am getting ready to build.

Computer & Electronic Services

Animatronic Prop Control Systems - HauntBots

Check them out here, both will be happy to answer your questions and can probably help you out a lot more.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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