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random audio playback

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So I have an idea for this Halloween to use a full bucky skeleton outfitted with a 3 axis skull. He's going to sit on a railing next to our front door. I'm picturing him leaning against the house with one leg bent and sitting on the railing with the other sort of dangling off to the side. Sort of "just hanging out here waiting for trick or treaters."

I'm wanting to take some of those vinyl pop up eyes that novelty shops sell (you invert them and put them on the ground and they pop up in the air) and attach them to a board in a grid fashion (or the like) with a button behind each one. When one of the eyeballs is "pushed" by a TOTer it will have the bucky speak a random pre-programmed message. One of the eyes is actually going to be the doorbell. It is going to be sort of a "which eye is actually the one that gets me treats"

I'm trying to figure out the best way to do the audio. I'm sort of new to the animatronics end of things so I'm wondering of anyone has any ideas as to how I can pull this off. I guess it doesn't have to be random (unless it is easy to do). It could be that the third eye on the left always has bucky say "Nope, that ain't it." or whatever. If I can get this all worked out, one of the things I'd like to do is have one of the eyes, when pushed, actually make one of Bucky's eyes pop out (attached with a string so it can be wound back up) and have him say "Ouch, you poked my eye out!" :)

Anyway, any suggestions would be appreciated. I'll make sure I take photos when I start to build it.

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That sounds like a great idea, that will be one cool prop and i hope you can get it built and post pics and maybe even a how-to one day. The only help i can think to offer right now would be this. I know cowlacious sound boards are very nice, i have several.They have a few different ways to trigger them and you can record 2 different messages on them. Aslo there is the mp'3 board that they have at hauntbots wich is very nice and can hold alot of different clips, though the hauntbot board is a bit more expensive, it is the one i am planning on using for my haunt greeter that i am getting ready to build.

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Check them out here, both will be happy to answer your questions and can probably help you out a lot more.

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Thanks for the links...I've ordered a few things from Cowlacious before...great stuff. I really hope I can get this done this year. My wife thinks I'm crazy (she didn't know how much I got into Halloween until after we were married and bought a house - no fun in an apartment). I tend to go a little overboard and have way too many ideas to get done in time for Halloween...this year I am starting early :)

This site is such a great resource for info and ideas!
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