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Radio Shack motion activated pumkin LED/sound box

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I was in Radio Shack today picking up some button batteries when the clerk mentioned to me a new product they just got in.

It was a Motion activated LED Jack o' Lantern set-up. It was $9.99US and had 5 white LED's as well as a sound box with many
different sounds stored in it.

When the motion sensor was tripped it would make the LED's flash with different sounds such as a women screaming, growling
monster noises, thunder, dog barking, farting :O, and other assorted monster noises and screams. A single LED stayed on when
not activated but would flash with the rest when tripped.

I bought one, sound is loud but kinda garbled at times, it feels like it over powers the speaker a bit. I got an idea to actually use
it in a "Monster in a box" set-up. The only problem is the motion sensor cord is only about 3 to 5 inches long.

Right now I'm trying to decide if I should attempt to lengthen the motion cord a bit.

If anyone is around Radio Shack, check it out and give me some feed back on your thoughts of it. When I saw it ,I didn't think
pumpkin light, as most do-it-yourself home haunters do, I was thinking, what other application would this be good for?!?! :D

So, I'm looking for Ideas that would make this thing useful, if at all. I would post a pic of it but I couldn't find any on their website
and I forgot to take one at the yard haunt house. This was a new product just released in the last couple of days I was told.
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We were in Radio Shack last night looking for LEDs for my wolf eyes and our sales guy pointed the same JOL setup. He knew we were doing things for Halloween so guess it made sense to bring it up. But so funny that you posted about it having just seen it.

I didn't press play that often but didn't love the sound quality either. Maybe it was due in part to the plastic packaging it was in. Since I wasn't looking for anything like this, didn't give it much more thought. You have some interesting ideas however.
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