Taking orders for one of these awesome remote controlled Jigsaw props. Control is forward / reverse and full steering. It will come with some spare channels if you want to add remote audio or other features. These are full sized Jigsaw props on actual Radio Flyer Tricycles....powered by a concealed lithium ion battery pack. Hours of street entertainment driving this little guy around and following people. This thing brings the crowds. So many folks stop to take selfies with ole Jigsaw. He's the perfect amount of creepy! Throw a portable Bluetooth speaker under his shirt and jacket and send creepy "want to play a game" audio from your phone.

Right now, I am putting feelers out there to see if there is a market for this. I can build one of these in a few 3-4 days and commit to shipping within a week - call it two weeks to your door from time of payment. $500 to start the build and $500 (plus shipping choice) to release for shipping.

Priced at 1K is actually a bargain when you consider the components and build quality. Built with high torque / heavy duty components. All hand-built including Jigsaw. Will last for years!

If you're not into the Saw movies or Jigsaw Billy, I can swap him out for other props such as a mini skeleton, a toddler zombie or whatever really...

Message me if you have specific questions or would like me to build one for you...

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