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QVC Witch

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OK, try this one again......QVC marked down a Mario CHiodo 5' witch prop on their website. Down from 80 something bucks to 49 +shipping & handling. If it looks too friendly one can touch it up a little.
Not a bad price range right now. For sure they are going to put her on TV this Tuesday, the 8th (am-pm halloween shows) to try and clearance her for good. Now is probably the best time to snag one, if you can.
Just letting everyone know-go to qvc.com, search for 'Halloween' and click on the clearance tab. Can't miss her.
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In my opinion, the witch at michael that you can get for $25 with 50% coupon is better. I think the face is better and the fact that her eyes light up when she speaks. The Michaels witch is still a little rough, but people on here have already been making cheap alterations to make her an A- prop.
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