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Qvc Halloween on now on tv at 3:00pm

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QVC is having a halloween show on now at 3:00pm and a show at 9:00 pm tonight with sprit halloween stuff
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QVC is having a halloween show on at 3:00pm today and 9:00 pm tonight with sprit hallowwen stuff for sale

Since the times vary across the U.S. because of the time zones, can you edit (thorough Advanced) the time listed in your title to indicate what zone this is for? Might help someone out and let them catch it in time. Thanks.

Spirit Halloween will be airing during the 6pm PDST hour on DirecTV if you are on the west coast BTW.
Thanks for the heads up. But it is on at 8, central time.
watching now, the Vampiress they have this year is pretty cool, a bit pricey.They have the crawling zombies on right now...just tuned in
Hahaha that was funny. My fience said the creepiest thing were the last thing. The giggle kids or whatever. She wanted to take the voice box out and just use that.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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