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I would really like to use both but am not mechanically inclined at all when it comes to the FCG. I need a SIMPLE "step by step" guide as to how to set up the rig. I do have a metal "t" if thats what you call it that I got years ago but just couldnt figure out how to use it. Anything simple that would make a ghost go from one end to the other would be great.

Also, does anyone have a link to show me how to make the Monster Mud? I have seen so many awesome props from other haunters on here and would love to get my hands dirty making something. I looked through the posts because I saw it the other day (yep, slow me didnt bookmark it) but now I can't find it so any help would be greatly appreciated!

My last question is this...

We just made a coffin and I am looking for a "simple" way to make the lid open and close as if something is trying to get out. I am thinking of putting a skelly in there and when someone walks by I would like the lid to raise gently showing the hand pushing it up while fog and a strobe light going off. Does that make sense? I know what I want just not sure if I am explaining it right.

Again..directions have to be all laid out for me because I am the slowest when it comes to how to's LOL

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I am not at all mechanically inclined either, so for me, the best set of instructions were from here:

Flying Crank Ghost

But some stuff didn't make sense to me until I actually sat down and did some of it and saw it "in the flesh" so to speak.

One thing I did that I can't remember where I read is to get eyebolts instead of pulleys. I thought that was just adding an extra step likely to cause problems, and the eyebolts are simple and better.

I still need to finish out my rigging and hang and test the whole thing, but it really should work.

As far as the coffin, I would think the same principle for the tombstone peeper.
One like this: Head Popper

I really like HauntProject.com - Your visual source for Haunting How-To's for project how-tos. There are tons of good instructions on there.
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