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Hello, and please excuse this lengthy post...

I'm interested in starting a project to assemble and add visual enhancements to connect a pair of plastic Skeletons (4ft high and weight 9lbs each) for a "Dancing Skeletons" oufit I want to wear to suprise local kids for Halloween. The 2 Skeletons I bought at a flea market are the Axis Scientific Classic Flexible Human Skeletons that are fully articulated

With me in the middle wearing a Harness and a Skeleton in front and another Skeleton behind me, I want to control the Skeletons movements with plastic or metal rods attached to Pads with Velcro or other donding material to my Arms, Elbows, Hips, Knees, and Ankles. The harness-linked Skeletons would then duplicate my movements to dance music while walking, etc.

A good visual of what I am trying to achieve for Halloween is found with the following Youtube file names:

What I am trying to find are suggested methods and materials for attaching these moving Skeleton parts to the rods that include...

Support Bars
under arms (shoulders)
Support Braces
Shoulder Brace
Hip Brace

I am also interested in finding a way to turn these Skeleton Heads in unison to the left or right with pulleys, levers, and bicycle wire cables attached to the Harness and Rods.

In addition, when the Skeleton Heads turn in unison, I would like to have turn on led lights mounted in the eye sockets of the Skeletons.

The Skulls could operate with a controller-servo-motor kit, but this would be expensive and may require a heavy 12VDC battery. One of the Youtube Videos mentioned above apparently uses a Bicycle Lever - Bike Brake Cable - Pulley System with Springs to turn the Skull Heads. I only want to use a light weight 12VDC battery to power the LED lights.

Unfortunately, Google Searches do not return any information on how I should construct this Skeleton Harness, what materials I should use, or where I can get more info on parts that should be used for safety.

Google seems to restrict my search results to only companies or websites that pay Google money for search ranking placement. The sad fact is I remember when Google first started and the company claimed Google would replace public libraries because all the info would be available online.

Anyway, do you have any suggestions regarding the setup, parts, and info I seek to complete this project or else which other Websites/Forums should I go to get more info?

Regards, Steve
Cincinnati, Ohio
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