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Question regarding a motor for a flying crank ghost!

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Would a Dremel motor work for a flying crank ghost? It is a 2 speed and says the following on the label: 120 v. AC 50-60HZ. low speed .60A/Hi Speed1.15A.
My first attempt with moving prop! I have not seen a Dremel named in any projects for FCG, and looking at all my old tools for a possibility. Thanks in advance, a grandma who wants to surprise her grandson with a cool new halloween prop!
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With all due respect to the J-Man, I say go for it. I'm not very mechanically inclined, but with instructions from the internet( youtube videos and a willingness to innovate when needed, I did fine and you will as well..
BTW, I used a barbecue rotisserie motor and it works great. very slow motion, no undue drag on the motor.
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