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Question regarding a motor for a flying crank ghost!

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Would a Dremel motor work for a flying crank ghost? It is a 2 speed and says the following on the label: 120 v. AC 50-60HZ. low speed .60A/Hi Speed1.15A.
My first attempt with moving prop! I have not seen a Dremel named in any projects for FCG, and looking at all my old tools for a possibility. Thanks in advance, a grandma who wants to surprise her grandson with a cool new halloween prop!
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Thank you all for the kind and helpful suggestions! Halloween has been instilled in me through my dad’s passion for the art of scaring. He created one of the early ( if not first) haunted houses in Kansas City, Kansas;Boswell’s house of horror. In the early 1960’s he charged a dime to go through his haunted house set up in public schools and even churches! He was Dracula, his 6’7” friend was Frankenstein, another friend was the Wolfman, and my mother made a very realistic witch. Even though I found the Wolfman’s hairy arms in a box hidden in a closet at age 3 , and apparently had to be re pottytrained after my discovery, I was never frightened or traumatized by our basement full of props. My dad was also Dr. Zersky, who introduced The Friday Night Fright Flick in Lincoln, Nebraska in the late 60’s. I’ve made numerous props for past haunted basements, porches and garages, but always used family and friends as my moving scarers! Now that I have been reminded RPMS and torque is not the same thing(duh!), I think I can find a good beginners project for next year that me and little man can work on together. Happy scaring!
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