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Question, Random Blinking and dimming lights?

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Maybe too late for this year, but does anyone know of a light set or circuit box that produces that kind of blinking you often see in movies, where the electricity isn't constant? The light is on, but then it dims, buzzes, blinks on and off, then comes back on? Looking for some fun lighting for my garage setup. Thanks!
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Wire in a fluorescent light fixture starter. They are at Home Depot and cheap. Splice it directly into the power cord or if you don't want to do that splice it into an extension cord. 3 minute project.
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And this will create that flickering? And... not burn my house down? thanks Skunk.
Completely safe. I've had one running every year during the week of halloween. Make sure you cover the exposed wire with something. Hot Glue, lots of electric tape, heat shrink, etc. Just the wires, not the Ballast.
Alrighty then, Dwozz. Will pick one up tonight and splice it into an extension cord. Then I'll glue-gun the exposed contacts and wire. Thanks people!
BTW, wire it in parallel to one of the wires of the extension cord - leave the second wire alone.
Like this....

I soldered the wires and then gobbed a bunch of hot glue all around the terminals.
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