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Question on Costco Tea Light Pack...

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I was at Costco yesterday and they have a huge pack of tea lights (28 battery-powered tea lights) on sale for $10.69. It's a great price, but I am wondering if anyone can tell me -- are these on/off tea lights or "flicker" tea lights??

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WOW!! That's .38 each! Great deal!! I would say if it doesnt SAY flicker, then they are not. I think it will def say it if it is.

I think I know where I'm stopping on the way home....
That was my worry. I'd really like to get flicker tea lights -- but that's such a good deal! Decisions, decisions.

Did a quick search and found this, not the best flicker around, but kinda flicker?


Looks like we already have a thread on these as well:

Sweet! The price has gone down, they kinda flicker, and I just got my Costco rewards check in the mail:D
We got them a few weeks ago (but it was $3 more). They flicker. It's a great deal.

yup they flicker.
I got these last year and they flicker. I love them! Glad to see they have them again this year and I might just have to make a Costco run this afternoon.
For what it's worth, I purchased three packs of these tea lights last year...

Super Bright Flickering LED Tea Light With Tall Flame Set Of 10 With Batteries

They're bright and have a good flicker circuit. The Costco price can't be beat however.
I've got to stop by cosco and get me some TODAY!
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