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Question for the Pro/Home Haunt Lovers!

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So I am looking to add a Haunt of the month feature to my blog. My thought is that I will either feature one pro haunt and one home haunt per month or do a rotating type of thing month to month. My question to you all is what types of questions/answers would interest you and what other types of topics would get you reading the posts? Below are some of the questions I'm considering, are these relevant and/or would they get you excited enough to read the Haunt of the month feature on my blog? Any suggestions or additions are welcome!

Some of the topics I'm considered are
Pro Haunts:
1. Favorite Scene/Effect in your haunt
2. Favorite Scene/Effect you wish you had in your haunt
3. General operating anecdotes
4. What got you into pro haunting
5. Why are you a pro haunter
6. Any real life horror stories from your pro haunt (ones that can legally be shared)

Home Haunts:
1. Ever consider going "pro"
2. General expense on your home haunt
3. Tips for other home haunters
4. Favorite effect in your haunt
5. Effect you wish you could own/afford
6. Inspiration for wanting to home haunt
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Thoughts to include for both groups:
about good/bad/memorable customer stories
ditto actor stories (or about finding actors)
the haunt's history (maybe they're in an old house, or the pro haunt is based on something local)
their background in Halloween (how long they've been haunting, what draws them to it, is there local history of celebration or the "Halloween environment", etc.)
What's the one thing that's guaranteed to scare (or times this one thing failed)?
How do they deal with the two types of visitors - the scared vs the appreciators?
One piece of advice (things learned through experience)

I probably wouldn't ask about expenses. Maybe instead, ask about the time investment.
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