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Question for everyone..

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Hey everyone, quick question. How many of you are on the forum year round and how many just around Halloween?
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Duh, year round of course. It's always halloween in my heart and mind.
Can't quite answer that yet, since I just joined. We'll have to see what I do after Halloween :D
Year round I am looking. This year I decided to be a little more active and post. I'm always here though at least reading and looking for ideas.
You can't possibly go through all the great posts on here in just a few months; you need time during the year during halloween downtime to get caught up on all the great ideas, tutuorial, info sharing, and terrific pics and videos. Plus I love to get a heads up on halloween and non-halloween items to purchase for one's upcoming season's haunt. Those threads start several months before October. Plus every year people make New Year's Resolutions to start working on their props and haunt earlier in the year. Some do and some don't but we've all been there wishing we had.

Nice to see you Hannibal.
Year round...it's a mindset:D. I may not have been here for a full year, but I have no doubt I'll be on here no matter the season.
Year round. I'm actually on here mush less around Halloween because I'm too dang busy trying to get my props all done! :D
Cool, I guess I'll be seeing everybody throughout the year also.. The reason I even asked this question is because it is hard for me to even imagine that there are others out there that like Halloween as much as myself so I just wanted to make sure that I wasn't going to be coming on here for nothing and having to talk to myself...
I am sooooooooooooooooo here year round lol! Why would I want to leave my home??? :)
No worries there PD! We're all just as wackadoodle about Halloween as you are. :) You are home.
Year round no contest. Although there are some months with fewer visits than normal.
Year round here too! :D
This way you can share what you do in between Halloween's, and see what other members are up to - this is especially a favourite for showing off bargains we get hold of that can be used at our fave time of year!! :p
I check during the year to look at people's video haunts after Halloween and I keep a close watch over the new tuts. I really don't post much until I start making my own crafts. I think that was in May this year?
Year Round....even more now with Herman, Terra, DaveintheGrave since we got the Halloween Online Prop Building Group started. Thats what we had in mind.....to keep members here all year & also to start projects early so they are completed by October & we don't have to get crazy.

If there is one thing I noticed with this being the 1st year of this group.....it was the sense of accomplishment that all the students seemed to have felt to have projects done so early & ready to go plus just the fun of hanging together actively in the off season & building together.
I joined the forum last year and was in school. My course kept me stupidly busy up until I graduated this past July so I never really got into the site until this year. Kicking myself now that I have taken the time to look around and figure it out. This site and the people on it are fantastic!!

(I'm a bit addicted now...:eek:)
I only just joined yesterday. I usually check forums a few times a week, so I may be here all year around.
With all that I didn't answer the question...lol

I'll be hanging around after the season comes to a close...too much to read on here to be away for very long. :)
I drive my family crazy with halloween so i promised them i would wait until after my birthday(april) every year. Then it's everyday
I am a seasonal - just cuz, I think I'd get burnt out if I was working on Halloween all year round!! LOL I have OCD type qualities, and I tend to get consumed!! LOL It's bad enough I start in June!! At least that's what my family and friends say!! ;)
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