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Question around UK Merchandise Watch 2009

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Would anyone object if I created a Merchandise Watch UK 2009? The problem is you guys in the USA & Canada have so much cool stuff, but we don't have Walmart, etc. i'll still drop into the Merchandise 2009 watch, because so much stuff can be bought online & sent internationally, any objections? Is this the right place to ask this question? Thanks for your help.

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Merchandise Watch UK 2009 Created!

Dear all,

By popular request I've started the UK Merchandise Watch, apologies to Nederlanders!

Thanks for your ideas, you're dead right about Asda, it's a great selection and I didn't realise they had the owner (walmart) have included this in the post. I'll post some other items I've bought (just the cooler ones!). Look forward to hearing about cool stuff!

happy hunting...
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