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Question about Fog juice and smell additives - need your advice

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What's the best fog for outdoor use with a fog chiller? I've only used the stuff from Spirit. I've heard about Froggy's fog and they make it sound great. Is it? Does it really hang longer?

Also hoping to hear from people that use the smell additives... do they work outdoors or does it dissipate away too quickly? Thinking about Froggy's "Rain Forest", "Swampy Marsh" or "Campfire" for a front yard cemetery. Do either of the first two smell like a peat bog?

EDIT: Yikes! Ok maybe no smell additives then. What about Foggy's fog then? does it hang well when you're using a chiller?
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I would skip the smell additive because I know a few people who become incredibly ill around scented stuff - some sort of severe allergic reaction to the chemicals that make the scent.
At least one possible death may have happened from too much "Fog" a few years ago. The child was already having other problems. I used fog for maybe 12 years, open every night, and eventually I had to stop when it made my throat unusable for speaking.
I would skip the smell additives as from what i hear they are not that good for the fogger. as for its distribution it should stay with the fog so if your fog floats away from your guests chances are they will not smell it. I do have a related question, since the fogger turns the sent into an aerosol does the sent stick to whatever it comes into contact with?

As for the fog fluid I find froggys is thicker and lasts longer than spirit's fluid.
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