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quaking tombstone

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Has anyone had any experience with this prop (link below). I've got a guy willing to sell one for $365 shipped. It's 6 foot tall and shakes but not sure if I should use it in my yard as the centerpiece or if that's too much money for what you get. Also I'm not sure about it being outdoors on teh grass as it hooks up to an electrical outlet...not sure if it's outdoor safe. Any advice is welcome:
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Seems kinda pricey. Does it have sound? Maybe I've become skeptical living through so many earthquakes, but why would only one tombstone be shaking if this were your centerpiece?
What is it made out of? I'm thinking it's very light weight because to me it looks like all the movement is coming from a offset weight on a motor. For myself I can't see paying almost $400 for it.
I found it and like I suspected it's made of poly-foam and it can also be ran off 2D batteries so not much of a motor. While it's tall it's not very wide
80" H x 18" W x 18" D

Honestly the only think I see going for it is the detail other than that I don't see much there. You can use it outside without much worry....I would trust it that way. But honestly I think before long you will be replacing the motor or you'll have a static prop.

Another thing you will have to worry about...wind. I'm sure the base is weighted but the ad says... "Prop breaks down for easy storage and shipping
Made of durable, lightweight poly-foam construction"

I f you really want it I would offer him the $316 and they pay shipping...it is the off season
This prop is made by Gag Studios. I have 4 of their props and they are very realistic and durable. So far, the shaking motor on my Shivering Mummy has lasted for 7 years without any problems. I'm sure that the quality and durability of the tombstone is great, but I do think that the price he is asking is a little steep.
Its a nice looking tombstone but not sure what the movement gets you. If you could make the "face" talk that would be something cool, but I just don't get the shaking tombstone thing.
I have some gag studios props, and for that, I'd probably pay $320 tops, though I'm sure the quality is great
Pricey is right!...Make it yourself and enjoy the accomplishment!
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