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QTiki Torches, Anyone?

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Our outdoor display uses a combination of LED spotlights and Tiki Torches. I picked up an additional 4 yesterday for $5 at a yard sale. We love 'em, because they're cheap, need no wiring and give off a rather creepy, flickering orange light.
Anyone else here using these?
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We have been using them in the back yard, and couple in the front of the house. I thought they were enough light, but I was recently told it's still too dark in the back yard, so we're currently rethinking how to set up the back yard. I like the ambience they give, but they're also useful for keeping away the mosquitos (when you use the citronella oil).

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I used 2 last year in the front yard only for keeping the bugs away but it turned out pretty cool with the effect. I had the singing pumpkins going and the kids were stopping in the yard and getting bit.
I am wary of using open flame for a display. Only takes one dumb jerk being a fool to ruin your display or get injured and sue you.

Now, I've been using these Flame Cauldrons from Spencer's for years. The satin fabric is lit up by yellow lights and a fan blows the fabric to make it flicker. I would have some fun, and go get a few computer chassis fans and small Xmas bulbs, and make electric torches.
Several years back we had a an ice storm and our power was out for 4 days including Halloween. We made and set up tiki tourches with foam skulls around the lamp basket after seeing them on this forum. They were a big hit and we have used them every year since.
I am planning on using torches this year in my yard. Going to put skulls over the lamp portion. I will send pictures once completed. I keep people from running through my display with a cemetery fence i put up.
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