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I found what seems to be an older Halloween Forum map on Frapper, but I did a spot check and couldn't find a single person that I see who regularly posts on the website any more. It seems outdated and overcrowded based on our current active members, so I decided to create my own 2008 Halloween Forum frapper map. I think it'll be fun and cool to see where everyone is on the map and who is near us that we can take a drive and see their personal haunt some time. Please add yourself to the map!!!

Click here to add yourself to the 2008 Halloween Forum Frappr Map!!!

Let me know if you can't add yourself for some reason. I'm the admin for this map and still can make changes if necessary.
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OK....the Virginia contingent REALLY needs to have a meeting, I mean, we are literally a stone's throw from each other!!!!

Wouldn't that be fun???

We could all go for a ride in the Magic Pumpkin with the top down:D

Whattaya say????
That is a very good idea... funny how cool people gravitate, ain't it?

I'd like to help set up a meeting or "mini-con," but my work and home-life are so chaotic I have trouble meeting schedules. The ball's in your court; give me a date and I'm there!

Oh, and please don't throw stones at me.

Edit/PS... I think Luray or one of the other nearby caverns would be perfect!
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