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This post got lost a couple years ago when the blogs were removed:

I was inspired by Kristie's blog post here: Halloween Count Down Clock Prop and decided to try my hand at making my own NBC countdown clock.


Clock at the Haunted Mansion
Things bought:
  • 18" grape vine wreath (craft store)
  • Acrylic plexiglass, min. 18" wide (home improvement store)
  • (6) led puck lights
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Plastic jewels
Things had:
  • (2) old 5.2v ac/dc adapters
  • (4) cup hooks
  • 1/4" hardboard
  • 1/2" mdf
  • old hard drive magnets
  • flat gray primer
  • flat black spray paint
  • flat white spray paint
  • burnt umber paint
  • black oil based sharpee
  • wood glue
Tools used:
  • Jigsaw
  • Table saw
  • Drill
  • Dremel
  • Nail/staple gun
  • Hot glue gun

Front and back cut from 1/4" hardboard with a jigsaw.I made this 18" wide, but in retrospect I wish I'd gone about 2 inches wider

Sides of 2"x1/2" MDF attached with glue and brads. Flat black sprayed on inner edges

Hot-glued plastic jewels

Gray primer

Black wash & white dry brush

Rusty bolts; I used a burnt umber acrylic

Acrylic plexiglass sprayed lightly with flat white on the back.
Lettering done with a black oil-based Sharpee

Edges "silhouetted" with flat black spray paint.

Plexi hot-glued in-place

Old hard drive magnets routed into the corners of the back hardboard.
This was not the most effective way to attach the back. For the back of the clock face I just screwed it together.

Countersunk screws for the magnets to attract

Two cheap puck lamps disassembled and both leds hot-glued to back panel

Puck light lens glued in place over both leds

Back panel on

Face plexiglass cut. Rear sprayed white. Front painted by hand with black acrylic

Face edges silhouetted with flat black.
Clock hands cut from scrap plexi and sprayed flat black. Attached with a nut & bolt.
I used two separate power supplies so I don't have to display the whole prop (i.e. just putting the base on a table instead of hanging it all), but I could have easily run all the leds off one adapter.

Grape vine wreath sprayed with flat black and dry-brushed with white. Attached with black zip ties.

Cup hooks to hold the face and base together

Prop complete!

Happy Halloween!

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Is the back box of the actual clock portion circle or did you just make it like an octogon with the plexi overhanging in spots? If that makes sense
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