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Purple tailcoat

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So it all began when I wanted a Willy Wonka-esque costume but then I realized that I really wanted one of those formal suits. Did some research and came up with the name Morning Dress. But I can't find any in purple. So I did some more research and came across some sites where people wanted to dress as The Joker and were asking for purple tailcoats. So far I didn't find anything and while buying a Joker costume might do the trick, I wanted my costume to look authentic (you know what I mean?). So now I'm checking everywhere for purple or violet tailcoats and so far I haven't found any. Everything else like the top hat, waistcoat, striped trousers, cane and shoes are easy to find. It's that darn tailcoat that eludes me.
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Oh well, after all of my searching it would seem that I will have to get this custom made. Maybe after I'm seen sporting one businesses will start making them in purple (lol, just a joke).
look for a McCalls pattern at Walmart or any place that sells sewing patterns.
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