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Hey guys,
most of you know im young (13) and i would like to get stronger so i need your help.
I would like to know if practicing against a punching bag would make me stronger and maybe develop a six pack.
(i would be working every day and i would be throwing pretty hard punches)

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See a Doc First.

Best suggestion is to consult a physician to find out your current weight, general health, and ask about your body fat percentage then talk to someone who knows how to properly use a punching bag and what workout would be best for getting a 6-pack ab look

because your 13 the full 6-pack look wont be as developed as you want it to be but after a few years of working out you should get a what your looking for.

as for the punching bag, yeah it has the potential to make you stronger is used properly but 6 pack abs... maybe if you put your whole body into it, but you may want to sticking to running and crunches.

running will bring up your metabolism and burn fat and when hit like 8% body fat then your abs will have definition. crunches or sit ups will better define them. the punching bag will help with obliques (your sides) and upper body in general.

also, eating healthier meals and less junk food help a lot, i'm not saying full blown health nut, but drink more water instead of soda, and gatorade / powerade after or during workouts, and cut back on sweets and stuff because cutting back will make you goals easier to reach.

i make these offerings to you after helping my bro with his workout regiments.
if i am wrong anywhere please cite it and correct my mistake :)

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What exactly are you trying to make stronger?
Your shoulders? Chest? Abs?

Honestly, I'd recommend an overall body strengthening routine at your age.
If what you're hoping for is muscle mass, the heavy bag will not necessarily help with that, unless you're lifting it and throwing it (and I'm joking...don't throw your heavy bag around...it can land on someone).
If you're referring to speed bag, that will help make your shoulders stronger, but it is kind of limited to your shoulders, and won't necessarily give you mass either.

Believe it or not, your own body weight is one of the best tools for developing strength and muscle.
Good old calisthenics do work.
Pushups - wide set and narrow set hands.
Hand-stand pushups if you are strong - do a handstand against a wall, and lower yourself as far as you can and press yourself all the way up (until arms are straight).
Pull-ups (palms are facing in to you on the bar) and chin-ups (palms facing away) are fantastic for upper body development.
Squats will give you great strength up and down - they work your core, legs and back. (when doing squats remember to keep your chin up!! and never lower your body past where your thighs are parallel with the floor - you're just looking to hurt yourself if you do)
Sit-ups and crunches, of course, for your abs - you want to be STRONG? Develop your core...all of it all the way around.
Something people neglect: their back - try reverse crunches (lay on your belly on the floor, and lift your chest and legs off the ground - you should be balancing on your belly - hold it for a count of 3, then lower yourself and repeat)
Side bends - standing to begin with, but if you can work up to it, do them while laying on your side...this will force your body to fight against gravity, and make your sides stronger.
Twists - take a medicine ball (or a 5-10lb weight), hold it in front of you, and twist yourself side to side as quick as you can - do NOT twist past where your hands are pointing to the side of you...this is where you reverse your direction...use muscle to stop yourself and reverse.
Jumping Jacks.
Skipping rope.

Keep in mind that rest is just as important as exercise - if you work out your chest and upper body on Monday, then work out your lower body on Tuesday, then the upper on Wednesday, etc...
Your muscles will need time to repair in order for you to become stronger - otherwise, you'll just end up tearing them up, and eventually tearing them down.

Diet is real important as well - eat plenty of protein, as this is what your muscles need to repair.
Lots of water. A multi-vitamin is not a bad idea either, to give your body the minerals it's going to need to make the repairs to you even better.

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:) scary1215 you remind me to much of my youngest son who is now 14 and always worried about his '6 pack abs'. As I tell him, eat right, get involved in sports, and I sure you the girls will become interested.

Kids, so worried about today when they have so many wonderful tomorrows ahead of them.
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