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Punch recipe needed

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I'm in need of a good party punch recipe. There are millions out there, I know...but I am looking for a ginger ale based with a common liquor like vodka. I've seen some that are very involved or look too sweet. I'm really just looking for something that kicks but, not too sweet, but will be taste great for my Halloween party! Please help. There's almost too many online to even try to go through them!
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One that goes over very well at my parties was borrowed from Britta. Is as follow:
Witches Brew
4 48 oz. cans pineapple juice
1 96 oz bottle orange juice
4 2 liters lemon lime soda
1 1.75 liter bottle vodka
1 1.75 liter bottle run

All measurements are approximate, fills 12 qt cauldron.
Hey, I posted a thread similar to this a little while ago. A bunch of recipes were posted to it as well. Its in the Party Ideas section titled Witches Brew..er punch recipes.

Some of these recipes sound so yummy!! :)
My Grandma made mulled cider by putting cider in a pot that she brought to a slow boil. Then she took a cheese cloth bundle of mulling spices and slow cooked for Halloween night. You can find mulling spices around the fall season at most grocery stores.
Thank you!

The Witches Brew sounds perfect! Wow, that was easy! I love all those ingredients! Thank you so much! I will also check out the other thread...just in case. ;)
Thanks again!!!
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