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Hey guys, I was just wondering if it would be cheaper to make paper mache pumpkins or to go buy those plastic carvable pumpkins. I want to put alot of pumpkins outside my haunt so I don't know if paper mache is the way to go. Also does anyone know where to get some cheap carvable pumkins.
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I was in the same boat. I needed a lot of pumpkins. I made a paper mache one it came out great but to time consuming. I came up with another way which was quicker and easier. Take a wall-mart bag fill it with news paper to the size you want duck tape it closed. Then take duct tape and cover the pumpkin. go down first then across then down then across. 4 layers is needed or else it will collapse. Then you can cut out the face you need. I made several of these and they came out great. I also made this one the same way but instead of cutting it I added carpet latex glue to paper towles. I made eyes, nose and mouth. When it dries it will give it an awesome texture that is already weather proof. Either way it will take 30-1 hour to make. Much faster and easier.
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