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Hey guys, I was just wondering if it would be cheaper to make paper mache pumpkins or to go buy those plastic carvable pumpkins. I want to put alot of pumpkins outside my haunt so I don't know if paper mache is the way to go. Also does anyone know where to get some cheap carvable pumkins.
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I would definitely vote papier mache, I mean, you have 229 days or something like that right? I have a Pumpkin heavy theme this year, so I am having to kick out a bunch.... right now, i have 4 going at a time, and that means it will only take me about 5 to 6 nights of putting one layer of mache on each, and letting them dry overnight, and I will have 4 pumpkins by the weekend.

Trashbag, newspaper, flour, water, glue... can't beat that for cheap, and the possibilities are endless for decorating them.

Good luck in whatever you decide, I hope its fun for you!
You finnaly have a theme.:D
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