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Okay, first a couple of caveats:
1, I've searched for a similar thread and couldn't find one. I thought there might be a sticky for "show your pumpkins" or something.
2. I'm not sure if this belongs in General, or Props, or Decorations. (Mods feel free to move if req'd)

I'm posting my pumpkins from the past few years and anyone is welcome to do the same.

Calabaza Jack-o'-lantern trick-or-treat Orange Pumpkin

Orange Winter squash Carving Calabaza Pumpkin

Jack-o'-lantern Calabaza trick-or-treat Orange Pumpkin

Calabaza Carving Pumpkin Orange Jack-o'-lantern

Carving Jack-o'-lantern Calabaza Pumpkin Orange

Orange Carving Winter squash Pumpkin Calabaza

Carving Pumpkin Jaw Calabaza Tooth

Carving trick-or-treat Jack-o'-lantern Orange Pumpkin

This year was my first attempt to go "Villafane".
Rigged a light using the stem to house a "boom":

Pumpkin Calabaza Winter squash Orange Vegetable

Carving Calabaza Winter squash Pumpkin Orange

Orange Carving Leaf Plant Art

Rutherford Manor Haunt
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They all look great!!

Sadly, we haven't carved pumpkins since the Halloween 2012...see below! It was SO cold that year, they all froze and some got stuck in the dirt!

Actually we just don't have any room to set them up anymore, maybe in 2016 we are wrapping the haunt around our entire yard?

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